2015 Sundance Film Festival Program will be announced in mid-December. Enjoy 2014 Festival Program below.

The Beauty of Failure
    90 minutes, Free Fail
    Monday, January 20, noon to 1:30 p.m.
    New Frontier Microcinema

    How does embracing risk and failure drive the creative process? Creating something new goes hand in hand with the risk of failure, which the New Frontier artists confront with every project. These artists continue to push boundaries and embrace the new in both their work and their lives. Join Aaron Koblin (creative director, Google Creative Lab), Sam Green (filmmaker, Weather Underground), Jillian Mayer (artist/filmmaker, director #PostModem), Nate Mitchell (Oculus Rift), and Mike Stubbs (FACT) as they share what it takes to be on the vanguard of art, film, and technology, and how overcoming failure can lead to some of their best work. Moderated by Ruby Lerner (executive director, Creative Capital).

    Open to all credential holders and the general public on a space available basis.