2015 Sundance Film Festival Program will be announced in mid-December. Enjoy 2014 Festival Program below.

How Many Wrongs Make a Right?
    90 minutes, Free Fail
    Monday, January 20, 1:00 p.m. Filmmaker Lodge


    While the film industry enjoys pointing out that nobody knows anything, it’s a business that is determined to know things as definitely as possible. But as any screenwriter will tell you, many of the most inspired moments in creating a film come from taking a wrong turn, or half-a-dozen wrong turns. Truthfully, we know that independent film is all about committing to things that “can never work.” Join a group of veterans, including Graham Taylor (William Morris Endeavor), Michael Barker (Sony Pictures Classics), Tom Rothman (TriStar Productions), Tom Quinn (RADiUS-TWC), Effie T. Brown (Dear White People,), and John Battsek (The Green Prince, CAPTIVATED The Trials of Pamela Smart, Happy Valley, We Are The Giant) for their guide to risk, reward, and on-the-job failing, moderated by Kyle Buchanan (New York magazine).

    Open to all credential holders and the general public on a space available basis.