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CRIME: The Animated Series (Marcus McGhee)
    View Trailer2013, 5 minutes, color, U.S.A./Canada, Shorts Competition
    When Hartford teacher Marcus McGhee has his car stolen, the police refuse to assist him. Directors Alix Lambert and Sam Chou mix humor with stark reality in this animated documentary short.

    About the Directors

    Alix Lambert is a filmmaker living in New York City. Her feature-length documentaries include The Mark of Cain, which was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award; Bayou Blue; and Mentor. She has directed and produced for Nightline and the PBS series LIFE 360. Lambert has also directed numerous music videos, including You as You Were for the band Shearwater, as well as the short films Tiffany and Rabbits. She wrote episode six of the third season of Deadwood: “A Rich Find,” and was staff writer and associate producer on John from Cinicinnati.

    Sam Chou is an award-winning director with 14 years of experience in the animation field. He has animated feature films for Warner Bros., Sony, DreamWorks, and Disney, and he mentored under renowned animator Chuck Gammage. Chou directed the animation for several award-winning documentary films for the Discovery Channel and Space network. He also produced the animation for Fly, Colt Fly, a feature documentary with the Movie Network. Chou cocreated the Web series "CRIME: The Animated Series," which premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

    Cast and Credits

    Directors: Alix Lambert, Sam Chou

    Co, Producers: Alix Lambert, Sam Chou

    Animator: Freddy Carrasco

    Editors: Sam Chou, Alix Lambert

    Sound Design: TA2 Sound + Music

    Sound: Steve Gadsden

    Contact: Sam Chou / style5.tv / sam@style5.tv / (416) 457-3770