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No No: A Dockumentary
    English and Spanish with English subtitles, 2014, 100 minutes, color & b/w, U.S.A., U.S. Documentary
    The story of the pitcher who threw a no-hitter while tripping on acid—known by fans and nonfans alike—has become emblematic of professional baseball’s excess in the 1970s. However, that pitcher, Dock Ellis, had a career and a life that transcended one use of LSD.

    During a time when the insular world of baseball was clashing with the world outside, Ellis was widely known as one of the most unabashedly black baseball players ever. Nearly suspended for wearing curlers in his hair and refusing to apologize for or moderate his aggressive behavior, Ellis used drugs to hide his crippling fear of failure.

    No No: A Dockumentary provides the backstory to an outrageous anecdote by presenting the full life—warts and all—of a unique baseball player and human being. From Jackie Robinson to Donald Hall, Ron Howard, and others, Dock Ellis touched the lives of many people, as told in this surprising story of redemption.
    - S.S.

    About the Director

    Jeffrey Radice produced Sundance Film Festival short documentaries The King and Dick (2003) and LSD A Go Go (2004) before embarking on No No, his elegy to Dock Ellis. Jeffrey graduated Duke University with a degree in cultural anthropology, and presently works in cybersecurity for videoconferencing company Polycom. Radice is a native of Kingston, New York and resident of Austin, Texas, where he is sometimes found catching flies in the outfield of Los Jardineros baseball club.

    Cast and Credits

    Director: Jeffrey Radice

    Producers: Mike Blizzard, Christopher Cortez, Jeffrey Radice

    Cinematographer: John Fiege

    Editor: Sam Wainwright Douglas

    Music Supervisor: Randall Poster

    Composer: Adam Horovitz

    Animators: Jen Piper, Jake Mendez, Scott Calonico

    Contact: Jeffrey Radice / jjr@nonodock.com