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    Bhutanese with English subtitles, 2013, 80 minutes, color, France/Finland, World Documentary
    Cinematography Award: World Cinema Documentary

    In 1999, King Jigme Wangchuck approved the use of television and Internet throughout the largely undeveloped nation of Bhutan, assuring the masses that rapid development was synonymous with the “gross national happiness” of his country, a term he himself coined. Director Thomas Balmès’s film Happiness begins at the end of this process as Laya, the last remaining village tucked away within the Himalayan kingdom, becomes enmeshed in roads, electricity, and cable television. Through the eyes of an eight-year-old monk impatient with prayer and eager to acquire a TV set, we witness the seeds of this seismic shift sprouting during a three-day journey from the outskirts of Laya to the thriving capital of Thimphu. It is here the young boy discovers cars, toilets, colorful club lights, and countless other elements of modern life for the first time.

    Balmès illuminates the seduction of technology—as well as its rapid encroachment—on an ancient way of life with an observant eye, reminding us how complicated and bittersweet the effects of progress can be. - H.V.

    About the Director

    Thomas Balmès is an independent documentary director and producer. He brings us to people, places, and sharply contrasting situations that reveal our society from different and completely new angles—the Bosnian war from the viewpoint of Masai warriors, the mad-cow crisis seen from the Indian perspective, a Papuan tribe being converted to Christianity, glimpses of childhood from all around the planet. His films ask questions about what connects us all as human beings.

    Cast and Credits

    Director: Thomas Balmès

    Screenwriter: Thomas Balmès

    Producers: Thomas Balmès, Juliette Guigon, Patrick Winocour, Kaarle Aho

    Co, Producers: ARTE France, BBC, ITVS International, WDR, NHK

    Cinematographers: Thomas Balmès, Nina Bernfeld

    Editors: Alex Cardon, Ronan Sinquin

    Music: British Sea Power

    Contact: Juliette Guigon / Quark productions / quarkprod@wanadoo.fr / +33 1 44 54 39 50