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The Green Prince
    2013, 99 minutes, color, Germany/Israel/United Kingdom, World Documentary
    Audience Award: World Cinema: Documentary

    The Green Prince is such an extraordinary story that one is tempted to think it is fiction, if only somebody had the audacity to invent it.

    A Palestinian in Ramallah, Mosab Hassan Yousef grows up angry and ready to fight Israel. Arrested for smuggling guns at the age of 17, he’s interrogated by the Shin Bet, Israel’s security service, and sent to prison. But shocked by Hamas’s ruthless tactics in the prison and the organization’s escalating campaign of suicide bombings outside, Mosab agrees to spy for Israel. For him, there is no greater shame. For his Shin Bet handler, Gonen, there is no greater prize: “operating” the oldest son of a founding member of Hamas.

    Based on Yousef’s memoir, Son of Hamas, The Green Prince is a story of two men, spy and handler, whom history insists must be adversaries. That they could reach a point of trust or friendship seems absurd. Embroidering a tangled web of intrigue, terror, and betrayal, Nadav Schirman builds superb tension throughout a surprisingly emotional journey. Ultimately, The Green Prince is less about political struggle than personal coming-to-terms with responsibility and moral duty. - J.N.

    About the Director

    Nadav Schirman’s previous films include The Champagne Spy, which won the Israeli Academy Award for best documentary film and the John Schlesinger Award for Outstanding First Feature in 2007. The film features top Mossad agents testifying on camera for the first time and reveals the personal price of espionage. Schirman’s 2013 feature documentary, In the Dark Room, focuses on the wife and daughter of notorious terrorist “Carlos the Jackal” as they take a courageous journey beyond the shadows of his myth.

    Cast and Credits

    Director: Nadav Schirman

    Producers: Nadav Schirman, John Battsek, Simon Chinn

    Co, Producers: Omri Uzrad, Britta Meyermann

    Editors: Joelle Alexis, Sanjeev Hathiramani

    Executive Producers: Thomas Weymar, Sheryl Crown, Maggie Monteith

    Contact: Gisela Wiltschek / Global Screen GmbH / Gisela.wiltschek@globalscreen.de / +49 89 2441295 569