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    2013, 105 minutes, color, U.S.A., Premieres
    Sam is a former high-profile advertising executive whose life has been torn apart by the tragic death of his son. Off the grid, living on a docked sailboat, he drowns his pain in alcohol. When Sam discovers a box filled with his son's demo tapes and lyrics, his own child’s musical talent is a revelation for him, a grieving father who felt he’d been absent from his son’s life. Communing with his deceased son’s dashed dreams, Sam learns each song and eventually musters the will to play one at a local bar. When Quentin, a young musician in the audience, is captivated by the song, the unlikely duo form a rock band that becomes surprisingly popular and changes both of their lives.

    A searing performance from Billy Crudup, as Sam, leads an exemplary cast that includes Anton Yelchin as Quentin, plus Selena Gomez and Laurence Fishburne. Casey Twenter and Jeff Robison’s potent screenplay was the launching pad for acclaimed actor William H. Macy’s glorious feature-directing debut. Rudderless is a poignant musical drama about the power of a parent’s love.
    - D.C.

    About the Director

    William H. Macy is an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee and an Emmy– and SAG Award–winning actor. He also writes for theatre, film, and television. Macy currently stars in the Showtime series Shameless. In addition, he is a founding member of the Atlantic Theater Company, and his film credits include Seabiscuit, The Cooler, Magnolia, Boogie Nights, and Wild Hogs. Rudderless is Macy’s feature directorial debut.

    Cast and Credits

    Director: William H. Macy

    Screenwriters: Casey Twenter, Jeff Robison, William H. Macy

    Producers: Keith Kjarval, Brad Greiner

    Executive Producers: Nathan Kelly, William H. Macy, Jeff Johnson, Patricia Cox, Aaron L. Gilbert, Ali Jazayeri, Jeff Rice

    Co, Producers: Tyler Jackson, Gary Michael Schultz

    Cinematographer: Eric Lin

    Production Designer: Chris Stull

    Editor: John Axelrad

    Principal Cast: Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Felicity Huffman, Selena Gomez, Laurence Fishburne, William H. Macy

    Contact: Keith Kjarval / Unified Pictures / (818) 576-1006