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Web Junkie
    Mandarin with English subtitles, 2013, 79 minutes, color, Israel/U.S.A., World Documentary
    China is one of the first countries in the world to label overuse of the Internet a clinical condition. To combat what authorities deem the greatest social crisis for youth today, the Chinese government has created treatment facilities to detox and cure teenagers of their addictions to online life.

    But what starts out as an already-fascinating look at ways that technology may be destroying the lives of Chinese youth quickly becomes something more. As the unorthodox psychological sessions continue and the teenage boys begin to share with their parents the reasons why they feel more connected to disassociated voices in cyberspace than to their families, Web Junkie chronicles the results of a nation going through one of most drastic transformations in human history. In honest and wrenching ways that transcend national borders, this film is a thoughtful examination of a society in flux and a technology-addled generation on the precipice of an unknown future.
    - S.S.

    About the Directors

    Documentary director and producer Shosh Shlam’s film Last Journey into Silence (2001) won the award for best documentary at the Lublin, Columbine, and Haifa film festivals. Be Fruitful and Multiply (2005) was broadcast on Channel 2 in Israel, ZDF in Germany, and other European channels. Good Garbage (2012) was named the best documentary at the Shanghai and Fica film festivals.

    Peabody Award–winning filmmaker Hilla Medalia has received three Emmy Award nominations. Her most recent film, Dancing in Jaffa, is participating in Sundance Institute's Film Forward and will debut in 2014. Previous films include To Die in Jerusalem (2007), After the Storm (2009), Happy You’re Alive (2010), and Numbered (2012). Medalia holds an MA from Southern Illinois University and is cofounder of kNow Productions.

    Cast and Credits

    Directors: Shosh Shlam, Hilla Medalia

    Producers: Hilla Medalia, Shosh Shlam, Neta Zwebner-Zaibert

    Executive Producers: Eve Ensler, Morgan Spurlock, Dan Cogan, Jenny Raskin, Jeremy Chilnick

    Editor: Enat Sidi

    Cinematographer: Sun Shaogang

    Music: Ran Bagno

    Contact: Ana Vicente / Dogwoof / ana@dogwoof.com / +44 207 831 7252